Kinect and Partner to Fund HIV Programs & Support UN SDG’s in Africa

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Kinect health programs are in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals

The team at Kinect are committed  to help reduce the spread of HIV in Africa. The blockchain and healthcare technology company Kinect will be partnering with is building an ecosystem to fund and promote new HIV testing programs in countries across the African continent. Both companies are focused on development across Africa and have formed an official partnership with the intention of promoting health initiatives and increase the detection of infectious diseases, aimed to support the United Nations SDG #3: Good Health and Well Being.

The idea behind this initiative is to incentivize people to engage with and eliminate HIV through education. Currently, HIV infection continues to rise in parts of sub-saharan Africa. The culprit is miseducation and misinformation surrounding the virus. Incorrect medical information that circulates in society ranges from how the virus is transmitted to how the disease can be managed and lived with. In a climate of inaccurate myths, the stigma of HIV lingers, leading to widespread distrust of testing for the disease, which further increases infections.

While miseducation about HIV is not a problem only in Africa, the increasing infection rate is most acute in East African and Sub-Saharan Africa, where the rate remains stubbornly high, particularly among young males ages 18–35. This is why the Kinect partnership focuses on testing this age group. The proposed lottery is being established to encourage untested males to undergo an HIV test at participating clinics. Kinect have entered into a US$2.5m coin swap to fund the initiative.

“HIV infection is a serious issue in many African countries and the ongoing spread of the disease by untested individuals, has been incredibly difficult to address. We believe that this partnership with Kamari and the proposed lottery to incentivise those untested individuals to take their first test, will lead to increased education, treatment and hopefully reduce the spread of the disease,” said Kinect Chairman, Toby Carroll.



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